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Reverend's Revenge
ooh wah wah
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Rat Happy
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04/08 Ooh Wah Wah

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Ooh Wah Wah

Greedily, Senior Gaeta's twang guitar overpowers the 15 compositions, of which each of them would need evidence to prove that they weren't written by the pen of Henry Mancini itself, licks the gutters, the cortex, there where the brain flows. The sound of surf.

While giving you a strange dose of the Cohen brothers' humor, Reverend's Revenge delivers the lightness of being. You could now think when was the last time someone has dared to be so over daring, if they even had the ability to do so? At least you tap your fingers.You're searching your memory for a movie, looking for that TV series from your youth. You guess: What Reverend's cineastes wearing under their cassock on Ooh Wah Wah, is a Dionysus-like Surf & Boogaloo spectacle of a different sort. And in the end you are happy about it if you still can be happy.

  LINEUP ON "Ooh Wah Wah":

Reverend Krug - Sousaphone & Spiritual Guidance
Steven Gaeta - Electric Guitars
Doc Wenz - Tiger Organ & Tamborine
Maria Timm Wachmann - Female Choir
Mr. Bishop - Trumpet
Florian Wehse - Trumpet
Alex Hartmann - Trumpet
Igor Rudytskyy - Trumpet
Robert Solomon - Trombone
Uli Roeser - Trombone
Vain Vanecek - Trombone
Andreas Pompe - Tenor Saxophone & Flute
Gary Fuhrmann - Tenor Saxophone & Flute
Loemsch Lehmann - Baritone Saxophone
Eisenhans Eberhardt - Baritone Saxophone
Erwin Ditzner - Drums & Percussion
Javier De La Poza - Big Drum

Recorded, mixed and produced by Two Horses & Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt.


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