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The Complexity of Lucy

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03/05 The Complexity of...
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Carnivore 1.4.-LIVE! (QT)
Senseless (QT)

 HAZ 033

As the greedy laser-beam gets wound up in the shimmering light-patterns of the rotating CD-mirror the very first sound clusters emerging from the pulsing speakers immerse the room in deep red. The cacophony of hymns from the mousemachine skyjacks the listener into bizarre parallel universes like a phonetic hallucinogen, lacerating hidden spheres, where the rapid eyes of the faustian gnawers stalk the ears without ever letting off. Entire melodic clusters dissolve from the symphonic structure, weightless, floating into remote heights only to burst like soap bubbles in a drizzle of glistening sound fragments. Grim strings stomp through fragile imprints like infuriated elephants as heralds of an unholy uprising present. The nihilistic first-strike-weapon of the cacophonic rooftop-orchestra aims at the middle of the heart of the occidental Good-Man-Utopia with a portion of piercing mockery. Biting aphorisms mutate into exposing repression-blockers of an easefully dozing bourgeoisie. Monolithic, with the atmospheric density of concrete, the mousemachinery evokes the phantasmagoric visions of the restless residents. Monty Python and Snakefinger. Tendency and interval. We’re obviously dealing with someone who objects to matters of principle here, someone who objects – let’s say – the indolence of the masses. So what? “God is dead!” has been there before!
And now to something completely else…


Mouse Machinery:
Vincent Boule
Brian Diple
Luci Trouble

Mouse guest:
Egmond Van De Borgh, Erik Vilhemsson, Sean De La Scie, D. Dosis, Reaussot, Henri Houston, Volker Mischner, Udo Dangtmann,
Alex-Daniel Stoll, Hedi Hoe

Recorded, mixed and produced by Mouse Machine at Audiomice-Studios. Mastered by Volker Seidler at Creation Studio.


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