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the weather beats the rhythm

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Bring It
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Old Car
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05/05 Them Codes... Them
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11/03 The weather beats
- the rhythm

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 Soulfood HAZ 025

Steaming and puffing rattles the Danish time-machine. The weather beats the rhythm. The silver shimmering disc spins up and instantly mutates to an epochal vortex, sucking the listener towards once upon a time and the day after tomorrow. Munk the boatsman, in oil-stained airman togs, foolhardy and absolutely determined. The pilot holds the wildly vellicating rudder of decades with a firm grip. Spraying spume, melody-clusters, bizarre sound-worlds, swirling harmony-spirals. A waxworks of foggy, blurred picture-puzzles becomes apparent. There stands Bob, wildly gesticulating in the middle of an enraged crowd of college-students, and here is John, leader of a mad horde of blue meanies in the sea of holes – and Frank, very smart, in smoking, conductor´s baton between thumb and index, demanding the impossible from a heaven of violins. And then, right into the sudden moment of weightless silence, the music resounds, at first very feathery, then more and more distinct. Songs, naked and original, out of a world beyond time. A medley of the exquisite. A waxworks of cadencies. Free of false etiquette, trends and bustle – free of suits that, even under devoted maintenance, would last only for a small number days. Welcome to the land of the Sound-World-Argonauts, where a song either stings like an existence, or is bound to fail. Welcome to the world of the Broken Beats.


Kim Munk: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,
Piano, Harp, Choir
Ellen Holck: Vocals, Choir
Line Höeck: Bass Guitar, Choir
Morten Smerup: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,
Percusion, Choir
Jens Søndergaard: Drums, Percussion, Choir
Søren Fischer: Harp, Choir
Rie Brøndum: Choir

Special appearances:

Jonas Stampe: Sitar
Maria Timm Wachmann: Choir, Angle Chants,
Love & Cooking
Matthias Leber: Piano, Organ
Reverend Krug: Double Bass, Sousaphone
DJ Mahmut: Samples
Robert Solomon: Trombone
Steffen Weber: Tenor Saxophone
Chris Bishop: Trumpet
Jan Terstegen: Chicken Solo Guitar
Tom Böltken: Some Percussion
Steven Gaeta: Some Bass Guitar
Lennart A. Salomon: Choir, Percussion
Smael Barjiji: Choir
Gordon Friedrich: Choir
Wolfgang Gottlieb: Triangle
Christian Bornitz: Choir
Honza Liebe: Cooking

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Gordon Friedrich, Wolfgang Gottlieb and The Broken Beats for and at Hazelwood.


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