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dancers and architects
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The Shy Runner

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11/08Dancers and Architects

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Form, whether danced into the room or casted, as a gust of air or in concrete. Devised for the duration of the constantly derelict moment (that coward!) or to remain for aeons, like the sphinx in the dust of Egypt. The frolics of silkmoths, the architecture of ants - infinitely ephemeral sculptures, their distance only ever enduring, an expression of the same wantonness. In a relative time the forms meet once in sempiternity, then the dancers castles in the clouds stand toweringly high, next to the cathedrals of the builders and architects.

Like a magnet reversed in polarity. A total conversion of the inside. Like a magnet reversed in polarity, the band which was rated so highly in the deflagrated 16 months, since the release of their debut Celluloid, as if they were not from here, maintains the force of attraction. Like a magnet reversed in polarity, this second record does one thing above all: It makes you dance the other way round! Two hundred concerts straight through Europe in a brief handful of time made The Audience shed their used skin, like a withered reptile. Where Celluloid was spiritually illustrating colorite, the group surrounding the mountain of existence has arrived and entered a pictoral definition of their own enviable Utopia. The Audience greets the circumstance, that they have gone from being spectators of the events to becoming the event itself, loud and clearly. With zigzag guitars and competitively palpitating organ expressions, vein-white-red, like eyes that want to look inward, they lose themselves in the remains of rationality, leaving the smoky references behind and dipping into the offers of forms of expression. The drums do the same thing, but much louder - only drowned out by the mountain of existence, who pushes himself in his entirety between the fragments, as if girth had to do with catch-me-if-you-can... Dancers and architects turn the inside outward. Such a distortion of the vertebrae and segments demands a paradigmal shift of the own coordinate system, which can only be mastered with really hard drugs. (assumption of the author)


Bernd Pflaum: vocals
Sebastian Wild: guitar, vocals
Johannes Preiss: organ
Michael Arnold: bass, vocals
Florian Helleken: drums, percussion

Kaneoka One: wind chimes

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kaneoka One and Two Horses at Hazelwood Studios FFM. Production assistant: Fakir "The Sleeper" Ayoub.


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