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11/08Dancers and Architects

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THE AUDIENCE dances in the eye of the storm, an unleashed polymorphic potpourri of rock, punk, garage and new wave fragments whirling around them, tying up hand me downs to the undiscovered, wrapped up in a fluttering overcoat of warming psychedelics and with it burns the house down. It is the holy alliance of radical vision and juvenile unruliness that creates this suction that drags everything along with it, that creates this turbulence with which music is everything and without it is nothing. With the latitude of starving carnivores, the gang of five is engrossed in celluloid and drives dust dry riffs like fangs into the splashing spray of polysounds. Harmonies like movies, like wonderful reflections of the past present and the present future – hallucinogenic, timeless. It has Iggy’s laugh, Bowie’s sigh, Plant’s growl and Barrett’s groan and that is – if I may say – a very big show!

Bernd Pflaum – vocals
Sebastian Wild – guitar
Florian Helleken – drums
Johannes Preiss – organ
Michael Arnold – bass

Recorded, mixed and produced by Kaneoka One & Two Horses at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt. Production assistant Peter Loiselle.


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